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€ 13.6 Million
ElGordo lotto jackpot
: 21
: 30
: 00
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ElGordo Winning Numbers


Prize Breakdown


El Gordo Lottery: Latest Results

El Gordo Draw Results show the lucky five main numbers and the Bonus Number (El Gordo Lottery calls it Key Number). If your chosen six numbers match only some of El Gordo winning numbers, you can count on the Bonus Number to receive secondary prizes. In the event of matching all five plus the Bonus Number, you will win the jackpot! Remember that El Gordo has nine prize categories, so you have more opportunities to win!

Prize Divisions of El Gordo Draw Results

Find the detailed breakdown of El Gordo’s Prize distribution to understand the quantity of winners, and how much money each received according to their matched numbers and Bonus Number!

Whatever prize a player wins, any other participants with the same numbers or in the same prize division (i.e. matching three/four/five numbers etc.) will all earn an equal split of the prize money.

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