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Lottery Results


  • Guess Range:
  • Schedule:
  • Jackpot Type:
  • Tax Requirement:
  • 1/50 + PB 1/8
  • Friday 19:00 hs
  • Cash
  • Tax free
Country of Origin

Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

Who can play?Anyone, anywhere!

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Prize Divisions

Divisions Match Winning Odds
Lottery Results
1st Prize 5 + 2PB 1:116,531,800
2nd Prize 5 + 1PB 1:6,473,989
3rd Prize 5 + 0PB 1:3,236,995
4th Prize 4 + 2PB 1:517,920
5th Prize 4 + 1PB 1:28,774
6th Prize 4 + 0PB 1:14,387
7th Prize 3 + 2PB 1:11,771
8th Prize 3 + 1PB 1:654
9th Prize 2 + 2PB 1:822
10th Prize 3 + 0PB 1:327
11th Prize 1 + 2PB 1:156
12th Prize 2 + 1PB 1:46

Additional Information

About EuroJackpot Lotto


Odds and Probabilities

The probability of winning the jackpot is 1:59 millions. Even though it sounds too little, the EuroJackpot odds is two times better than its competitors. It is important to add as an EuroJackpot advantage, that the matrix from where to choose the two Bonus Numbers (the EuroJackpot calls them Euro Figures or Euro Numbers) is 2 from 8 instead of the ratio 2 out of 11 of its main European competitor and 1 out of 46 of its main American competitor. 
There are 12 winning categories in the EuroJackpot lottery. To win the first division prize, players must match the 5 main numbers and two bonus numbers drawn, but you can win a prize with as few as 3 correct numbers.

EuroJackpot's Jackpots

Even though it's a new lottery, the jackpot starts at an alluring €10 million with the potential to rollover to a 90 million euros cap. The new EuroJackpot Lottery is celebrating its first two months of existence and has already given out millionaire prizes to hundreds of players!

EuroJackpot Lotto and taxation

Even though many believe that the beneficiary of the EuroJackpot Lotto jackpot would lose a big percentage to Government taxes, EuroJackpot Lotto offers its players the opportunity of winning millions of euros without paying any taxes to any Government. 
The EuroJackpot offers a tax-free jackpot starting from €10 million and will have the potential to rollover till hitting its cap of €90 million.  To claim the jackpot win, any Lotterymaster player will be personally and locally guided to claim the first prize at the EuroJackpot headquarters in Germany. 

History of the EuroJackpot Lotto

The original idea of creating another European Lottery with a high jackpot comes from Germany. The research in this country confirms the huge interest in online betting, and considering that the EuroMillions Lottery is not available in Germany, the demand of another draw that offers high prizes was happily welcome. 
Therefor to satisfy the huge interest of a multi-million-jackpot , a new multi-national lottery called EuroJackpot was created by six European countries:  Germany (including all German federal states), the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia.
In less than 5 months after the birth of the idea, the first EuroJackpot draw took place on  
Friday, March 23  2012: is the first day of astronomical spring. 
The main competitor of EuroJackpot Lottery is the EuroMillions Lottery. That's why efforts are aimed at offering better odds and supply in countries where they do not play EuroMillions.

EuroJackpot Lotto and Lotterymaster.com service

Lotterymaster.com offers its customers a unique and practical service: if you are the lucky winner of a EuroJackpot Lotto non-jackpot prize, you will receive an email informing you the good news and Lotterymaster.com will transfer your winnings to your personal bank account. In the unforgettable occasion of winning a EuroJackpot Lotto jackpot, Lotterymaster.com will also inform you by a personal mail, plus we will send you the winning ticket so you can personally and locally claim the first prize! Any tax or legal reason to inform about the prizes to National Authorities will solely depend on the laws of the country you reside, and it will be your responsibility to act accordingly the jurisprudence of your country.
If you are new to the EuroJackpot Lotto game then we recommend you to read the Play EuroJackpot Page, which will help you learn everything you need in order to play and wish upon one of the most popular jackpots worldwide!