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  • Guess Range:
  • Schedule:
  • Jackpot Type:
  • Tax Requirement:
  • 1/50 + PB 1/11
  • Tuesday 21:45 hs Friday 21:45 hs
  • Cash
  • Tax free. Only residents of Switzerland are obliged to certain State taxes.
Country of Origin

Switzerland, France, Austria, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Luxembourg

Who can play?Anyone, anywhere!

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Prize Divisions

Divisions Match Winning Odds
Lottery Results
1st Prize 4 + 0PB 1:14,387
2nd Prize 3 + 2PB 1:11,771
3rd Prize 2 + 2PB 1:821
4th Prize 3 + 1PB 1:654
5th Prize 3 + 0PB 1:327
6th Prize 1 + 2PB 1:156
7th Prize 2 + 1PB 1:46
8th Prize 2 + 0PB 1:23
9th Prize 5 + 2PB 1:116,531,800
10th Prize 5 + 1PB 1:6,473,989
11th Prize 5 + 0PB 1:3,236,995
12th Prize 4 + 2PB 1:517,920
13th Prize 4 + 1PB 1:28,773

Additional Information

About the EuroMillions Lotto

Odds and Probabilities

It is important to high light that any participating player in the EuroMillions Lotto has a 1:24 chance of winning any prize. It is relevant to highlight that the odds of winning many of the secondary prizes are also high.  Regarding the jackpot, there is a 1 in 76 million chance, but for the patient player who decides to go over the EuroMillions statistics, and learn the most frequent drawn five plus two lucky stars, chances of realizing your jackpot dream might get much closer!

 As of May 10th 2011, 8.6% of the prize fund is allocated to a "Booster Fund" which can be used to boost the jackpot prize.

EuroMillions Lotto's biggest Jackpots

EuroMillions Lotto's biggest jackpots include many fortunate winners all around the world who have experienced the joy of playing and winning this transnational lottery, whose jackpots have rolled over even 11 times and exceeded the €180 million jackpots.

A new rule executed in January 2012 limits the Jackpot cap at €190,000,000 permanently and if the jackpot is not won after two draws, the prize money will be distributed amongst the winners at the next level. These are the biggest jackpots in EuroMillions Lotto's trajectory, in chronological order:

During July 2005 and after rolling over 9 times, the main prize of €115.000.000 was finally awarded to a lucky winner from Ireland called Dolores McNamara, mother of six. She remains the biggest individual winner in EuroMillions Lotto history.

In February 2006 and after rolling over a record of 11 times, the EuroMillions Lotto prize of €180.000.000 was divided among three ticket holders, two in France and one in Portugal. The three winners won €60.000.000 each.

In March 31st 2006 and after rolling over 6 times, the EuroMillions Lotto jackpot of €75,753,123 was won by one Belgian resident. This prize made history as the second largest win in Belgium ever, and the third-biggest prize won by an individual.

In November 2006 and after rolling over 11 times, the EuroMillions Lotto jackpot reached €183.000.000 million. Considering there was no ticket whose numbers matched all the winning digits for the 12th draw, the prize was split among the 20 tickets that matched 5 numbers and 1 lucky star number.

Last but not least on February 9th 2007, another Belgium resident received €100.000.000, and became the highest EuroMillions winner in Belgium and the second biggest individual win in EuroMillions Lotto history.

EuroMillions Lotto and taxation

Even though many believe that the beneficiary of the EuroMillions Lotto jackpot would lose a big percentage to Government taxes, EuroMillions Lotto offers its players the opportunity of winning millions of euros without paying any taxes to any Government. Only residents of Switzerland are obliged to certain State taxes.

Not only EuroMillions Lotto record jackpots are not taxed, its prizes are also paid in a one lump sum instead of installments (a series of payments during many years).

With so many advantages, the EuroMillions Lotto is just irresistible to any player older than 18 years old and living anywhere in the world.

History of the EuroMillions Lotto

EuroMillions is a transnational lottery launched on February 7th 2004 by France's Francaise des Jeux, Spain's Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, and the United Kingdom's Camelot. From its starting point as a multinational lottery, the EuroMillions lotto prizes were bigger than any typical National Lottery. Today EuroMillions Lotto is proudly composed by nine participating countries: being Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, the last members to join France, Spain and the UK to offer 200 million regular players record jackpots that can roll over as high as 190 million euros!

The interesting story behind its beginning is that the EuroMillions Lotto was supposed to be launched in 1994, to coincide with the launch of the new European currency (Euro) but because of political conflicts and misunderstandings it was delayed ten years!

EuroMillions Lotto and Lotterymaster.com service

Lotterymaster.com offers its customers a unique and practical service: if you are the lucky winner of a EuroMillions Lotto non-jackpot prize, you will receive an email informing you the good news and Lotterymaster.com will transfer your winnings to your personal bank account. In the unforgettable occasion of winning a EuroMillions Lotto jackpot, Lotterymaster.com will also inform you by a personal mail, plus we will send you the winning ticket so you can personally and locally claim the first prize! Any tax or legal reason to inform about the prizes to National Authorities will solely depend on the laws of the country you reside, and it will be your responsibility to act accordingly the jurisprudence of your country.

If you are new to the EuroMillions Lotto game then we recommend you to read the Play EuroMillions page, which will help you learn everything you need in order to play and wish upon one of the most popular jackpots worldwide!