EuroMillions Results

€ 160 Million
EuroMillions lotto jackpot
: 22
: 45
: 00
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EuroMillions Winning Numbers


Prize Breakdown


EuroMillions Lottery: Latest Results

The EuroMillions Draw Results show the winning five main numbers and two Bonus Numbers (the EuroMillions Lottery calls them Lucky Stars). The EuroMillions Lottery offers you the possibility of also receiving additional prizes with the Bonus Numbers, which you have to select from a second matrix of 1 to 11 numbers. Even if your number’s selection matches only some of the EuroMillions winning numbers, you can count on the Bonus Numbers to receive a secondary prize. Of course, if your chosen seven digits match the EuroMillions seven lucky numbers, all you have to think about is what to do with your gigantic jackpot!

Prize divisions of the EuroMillions Draw Results

Find the detailed breakdown of the EuroMillion’s draw Prize distribution to learn how many lucky players earned the millionaire prizes, depending on their number’s selection.

All EuroMillions 13 prize divisions are pari-mutuel – which means that the prizes for each division are not previously fixed, but change according to each week’s ticket sales, the jackpot amount and the number of winners in that division.

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