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€ 10.6 Million
LaPrimitiva lotto jackpot
: 22
: 30
: 00
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LaPrimitiva Winning Numbers


Prize Breakdown


La Primitiva Lottery: Latest Results

La Primitiva Draw Results show the six main lucky numbers and the Bonus Number (La Primitiva calls it the Key Number). This secondary number is randomly extracted during the draw by a La Primitiva machine, and has to match one of the numbers of your set; assuming that it includes 5 out of the 6 numbers of La Primitiva winning combination. The complementary number in question only applies to the 2nd prize category.

Prize Divisions of La Primitiva Draw Results

Find the detailed breakdown of La Primitiva Draw Results distribution to understand how many new millionaires are now celebrating, thanks to their matched numbers and Bonus Number!

When there is a category without a winner, the prize called “Bote” by La Primitiva, is transferred to the next category. La Primitiva’s prizes are not fixed and depend on the money collection from ticket’s sale, the quantity of winners and the accumulated prize.

Be always informed with offers its customers a personal and tailored service: if you are the lucky winner of a non-jackpot prize, you will receive an email informing you the happy news and will transfer your winnings to your personal bank account. In the exciting occasion of winning a jackpot, will also inform you by mail, and in this case you will receive the winning ticket so you can personally and locally claim the first prize!

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