Discover The Lucky First Big Lottery Winners of 2017


Most people play the lottery once in a while, and a very large percentage of these lottery players play regularly. The dream is to win that big jackpot that will change your life forever. Find out who were the first big winners of 2017.


Lottery Jackpot

There are many interesting lottery jackpot statistics. For example, did you know that 70$ of all US lottery winners go broke within seven years after they win the lottery? An utterly scary piece of fact that is completely true. But there are other, more cheery facts about the lottery jackpot, too. The largest ever Mega Millions prize was the cozy sum of 656 million US dollars. Well over half a billion US dollars. That is so much money that you could spend 50,000 per day for almost 36 years without going broke. That means 1.5 million US dollars per month, each and every month for 36 years. Would that suffice for you? This is such a great figure for most people, even rich people, that you kind of wonder how anyone could ever manage to go broke winning such a prize.


Avoid Mistake

Do you play the lottery? If so, don’t make the same mistake as 23% of all lottery prize winners. These people never claim their prize, and the money that is rightfully theirs simply return to the lottery. Some people plain forget that theWhen you win that lotter jackpot, perhaps you get the chance in the 2017 lottery, what will you spend your money on?y’ve bought a ticket. And while this is hard to understand it is a long way from the people who remember that they played but don’t bother checking the numbers anyway as they believe they won’t win. Yes! It’s true. It is hard to believe that many don’t even bother to verify the results, but this is yet another curious piece of lottery trivia.


Powerball Record

In the USA there are many lotteries, but there are two major lotteries that are firmly placed on the top. This is the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery. Statistically speaking, The Powerball is famous for having reached the highest lottery jackpot ever in the US. The record was set with an astonishing 1.5 billion US dollars. Yes, you read correctly. One thousand five hundred million dollars. In fact, the sum was even higher as the correct amount is 1586.4 million dollars, which means an additional 86.4 million. But with these sums of money, who’s counting minor details such as 86.4 million dollars, anyway. This fantastic jackpot was won by three people that split it evenly at around 500 million dollars each.


Mega Millions offers millions of dollars in prize money each and every week, in fact, twice a week.Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery never reached a billion US dollars in prize money, but it has come close. And it is certainly only a matter of time before it catches up. The highest lottery jackpot ever won in this popular lottery was 656 million US dollars, so it’s certainly not that far behind. For most people, winning 500 million dollars would be sufficient enough, and if you want to be specific about it, that sum will buy you about 2000 Ferrari 488 GTIs. And if you invested such a sum in a typical stock fund, you would receive about 100 million dollars yearly, which would give you a nice, monthly salary of eight million dollars, and 333,333 in change (enough to buy a decent Ferrari each and every month, on top of that eight million dollar salary, for as long as you live. Hooray!


Play Regularly

The important thing is to play and to keep playing. Because one of the most irritating things would be to lose out on “your” numbers. Many people like to play the same numbers draw after draw, month after month. But just imagine if you one week would skip playing only to discover that the numbers you normally play have come through. That must be the ultimate defeat. Something to avoid altogether, either by mixing up the numbers you play or by never failing to buy that ticket. For the last purpose, it is great that most lotteries allow for a multiple-game option so that you don’t have to get a new lottery ticket twice a week.


Lottery 2017

Another important thing is to check to see if you’ve won. Most people remember this, although some forget that they’ve played. Many people are also curious to read more about who won that grand prize. And many winners don’t mind giving interviews or being identified with their full name. 2017 has only just begun, but there have already been many, many draws. And many people’s lives have been turned upside down thanks to millions of dollars in prize money. Nobody has won the jackpot yet, but that is good news for most players.


Because it’s better to let that lottery jackpot mature draw after draw until it grows to a healthy size! Already it’s up to 153 million dollars, so who knows…maybe the lottery 2017 will be the year where the jackpots reach new heights?