The UK National Lottery Gives Away Billions To Charity


Playing the lottery does not just mean money in the bank for the winners. Because many lotteries give large amounts of the gross revenue to lottery charities. The UK National Lottery has given money to over 500,000 causes over the last decade.


Lottery Charities

In these cases, playing the lottery regularly turns out to be an altruistic act. Take the UK National Lottery, for example. They have a great track record in forwarding large amounts of money, directly from sales to lottery charities. And they have an impressive list of charities that regularly receive donations. A certain percentage of the weekly sales goes to a special fund called The Big Lottery Fund. And it is this fund that is responsible for analyzing worthy candidates and delivering the funds. In fact, the UK National Lottery works in the following manner: There are two ways a certain charity may receive money and become an official lottery charity. First of all, you have the one-off donations that go to projects. Typically a project with a time-limited lifespan. But other charity organizations receive regular financial help from the UK National Lottery and the Bug Lottery Fund. And these organizations depend on these generous, monthly or yearly checks.


Charity Projects

Sharing parts of your lottery win may make you feel better about yourself. And many lotteries already give huge parts of their gross sales to charity.

The National Lottery has become an important fund-raiser, and if it wasn’t for The Big Lottery Fund, many of these charities would simply cease to exist.If you start thinking about it, the English system of using large parts of the lottery ticket sales for charity is an excellent one. Because it’s a system that gives something back to the world, and not just to those that win the lottery prizes or jackpots. And it shows you how a simple lottery can make a difference in society. Don’t forget that in addition to these charity payments, the UK government also receives taxes on all lottery tickets sold. A sum of money that becomes quite substantial when you think about how many million people play the UK National Lottery each week. Several times a week, actually. Ticket sales in the UK reached 7 billion Great British Pounds in 2016, which is nearly ten billion dollars. A little more than half of this was given as prizes, but a staggering 1,9 billion pounds went to lottery charities.


Huge Numbers

Quite an impressive number. Imagine if this money was not available for the charities in question. That same year almost 1 billion pounds went to the government in the so-called Lottery Duty. The UK National Lottery and The Big Lottery Fund prides themselves in saying that they have given money to over 500,000 causes over the years. And this astonishing number is true. Some of these lottery charities are regular beneficiaries; others get a one-time, lump sum. 40% of the money from the lottery goes to charities that work within the field of education and health. Three other lottery charity sectors are sports (20%), arts (20%) and heritage (20%). All this means that the UK National Lottery keeps less than 1% of gross sales as their profit margin. An incredibly small profit margin that totals “only” 70 million pounds per year.


National Lottery Winner

Keep in mind that many of the UK National Lottery winners, perhaps jackpot winners in particular, also give away parts of their winnings to charity. Most people keep most of the wins to themselves, but more and more people give at least a small percentage to charity. But historically speaking there are examples of UK National Lottery winners giving away the whole prize money. So, all in all, the amount of good work this money does in the UK is incredible. Playing the lottery means giving billions of dollars to charity. Worthy causes that are kept alive thanks to this generous model. US Lotteries also give away parts of their income to lottery charities, but not nearly on the same scale as the UK National Lottery.

Many winners share or give it away almost completely.

Good Luck

What would you do if you won the jackpot of a lottery? Would you give away parts of the prize money to charity? And if so, how much would you give? Let’s say you win 100 million dollars, well – how much of this would go to charity? Each and every winner decides this sensitive issue themselves, of course. But seeing as the spirit of the lottery is to strike suddenly, like lightning from the sky, many people also thank the lottery gods for their fortune and decide to play ball, and give away parts of the win. Maybe too, in some way, give back to the Universe some of that great luck that was given to you. And there are examples of people who have won the lottery more than one time, which makes you start wondering if it isn’t such as thing called karma. Who knows?


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