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Leading Lotteries: General Information

Whatever you need to know about the leading Lotteries worldwide, you’ll find it in General Information section.

The history behind each Lottery Organization: is it true that La Primitiva began in the 18th century? When did El Gordo Lotto’s draws frequency changed from monthly to weekly?

You can also access the top ten jackpots of each of our offered Lotteries, and understand which lotteries may not have high jackpots but do offer elevated secondary prizes with good odds. Learn the updated terms of the game rules, such as the latest modifications regarding the Payouts of the Powerball’s Powerplay feature or the Mega Million’s Megaplier option. You can also compare the Odds and Probabilities of the Euro Millions versus the UK National Lottery and SuperEnalotto before purchasing your Lottery ticket and decide which one suit you better. Last but not least, find out which Lottery prizes are tax free and which Lotteries do charge a certain amount that varies according to the winner’s residency and if the player is a US citizen in the case of the American Lotteries. Are all European Lotteries tax free?


You are just a click away from everything you wish to know about the biggest Lotteries worldwide, visit our General Lottery Information page and learn it all!
country Lottery Name Winning Odds Next jackpots Guess Range More info
  USA MegaMillions 1:14.7 $ 458,000,000 5/70 + 1/25 More info
  Italy SuperEnalotto 1:318 € 119,400,000 6/90 More info
  Europe EuroMillions 1:13 € 46,000,000 5/50 + 2/12 More info
  Spain ElGordo 1:10 € 13,600,000 5/54 + 1/9 More info
  Spain LaPrimitiva 1:10 € 10,600,000 6/49 More info
  Europe EuroJackpot 1:12 € 10,000,000 5/50 + 2/10 More info
  Australia OzLotto 1:87 $ 10,000,000 7/45 More info
  Europe UkLotto 1:9.3 £ 1,800,000 6/59 More info
  Spain BonoLoto 1:10 € 800,000 6/49 More info
  USA PowerBall 1:24.9 PENDING 5/69 + 1/26 More info
  Canada Lotto649 1:6.6 PENDING 6/49 More info
  USA NewYorkLotto 1:46 PENDING 6/59 More info