The Luckiest Countries To Buy Lottery Tickets

Winning the lottery is a random statistic, but when it comes down to it, some countries do seem to have better luck than others. Knowing which countries offer the best chance of winning can help you improve your own chances.

But in reality, it’s not pure chance that some countries have a higher percentage of winners! In order to improve your chance of financial freedom, you should know which countries conduct the most frequent lotteries, which countries have holiday specials, which countries and websites offer the cheapest lottery tickets, which encourage a culture of buying lottery tickets and which have a higher population, therefore increasing the odds, wins and sizes.

Improving Your Chance Of Winning The Lottery

Whether you buy a lottery ticket in stores or you choose to buy online lottery tickets, there are certain countries that just seem to have better luck than others. Today you are no longer confined to purchasing your lottery tickets from the local corner shop. The Internet has brought with it a great deal of cheaper games with better options and bigger jackpots. With the internet at your fingertips, you can play around the world, leveraging the best odds, the highest wins, and the cheapest tickets around.


EuroMillion Winners By Country

EuroMillion Winners By Country

If you live in France or Spain, we can recommend playing the EuroMillions lottery. France can boast 83 of the biggest EuroMillions jackpot winners and 23.4% of EuroMillions Jackpot winners overall. While Spandiards come in a close second, with 80 Jackpost winners and hold 22.5% of all EuroMillions Jackpot wins in total. The UK and Portugal come in 3rd and 4th on the list, but the 3 largest EuroMillions jackpots ever awarded were to a Portuguese player and 2 UK participants.


EuroJackpots Best For Central & Northern Europeans

The EuroJackpot lottery, however, is a completely different story. Of the 16 participating countries, Germany boasts the highest percentage of big Eurojackpot winners, with a whopping 45.7%! But being a relatively new lottery, that equals just 16 jackpot winners in total.  Finland comes in next with 10 winners, for 28.6% of the total winners, followed by Denmark and Slovenia. However, the biggest EuroJackpot winner of all time was an anonymous Czech player who won 90 million Euro in June of 2015!


The USA dominates Both Powerball & MegaMillions

In the past 5 years, Americans have overwhelmingly dominated the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries, so if you live in the USA, one of these 2 would be your best option. 13 out of the highest 25 wins ever recorded were all Powerball lottery tickets.

A Powerball lottery ticket has a higher chance of winning compared to the Mega Millions even if your price is slightly smaller. Three of the 13 highest jackpots exceeded half $1 billion. What’s more, just like the mega millions program you can use the power-play function which multiplies your non-jackpot wins by up to five fold? If you really want to increase your odds of winning with a single lottery ticket, the Powerball is the way to go. With the Power Play you can increase your multiplier odds by tenfold starting in 2017.


El Gordo – The World’s Biggest Prize Pool

Celebrations in Madrid El Gordo (The Fat) lottery is renowned for the highest prize pool of any lottery.

The famous El Gordo lottery may be drawn in Spain, but boasts players from over 140 countries buy tickets! In fact, a Senegalese man just won €400,000 this Christmas 2016!

However, because of the cultural acceptance and overwhelming popularity of playing El Gordo in Spain, especially around Christmas time, Spaniards usually take away the lion’s share of the prizes.


Smart Lottery Choices

Although the jackpot prize draws may be random, it’s easy to see that some lotteries are more popular in some countries than in others. This means that more tickets will be bought in those areas and can account for the percentage of lottery winners seeming so much higher in those countries.

But, you can use these statistics to your advantage! If, for instance, you consider that some lotteries are more popular in countries with a lower population base, you might choose to buy lottery tickets for their biggest draws.

The Powerball and MegaMillions might award US citizens larger amounts more often than any other lottery, but the population base is also much higher. This means that although the payout might be bigger, the statistics of winning these lotteries is lower than, for instance, the UK National Lottery.

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy multiple tickets, you could split your odds between different lotteries, essentially spreading your options for a smaller chance to win a higher jackpot and for a higher chance of winning a smaller lottery.


Because, let’s face it, even a 2nd tier win in a smaller lottery would set anyone up for life!