See Why Some People Prefer This Crazy Method For Choosing Lottery Numbers

How do you choose your lottery numbers – that is the question. And if you haven’t already thought about these things already, you should. Many people find that small changes to their “systems” increase their winning chances.

Lottery Numbers

First of all, take the following small test to see what kind of lottery player you are. How do you pick your lottery numbers? Are you one of those people who like to use specifically chosen, special numbers that have some kind of meaning to you. Numbers like birth dates, or other special numbers that mean something to you? Or are you more pragmatic and simply choose a set of random numbers there and then, when filling in the ticket? Or perhaps even let the system pick your numbers for you, avoiding any conscious or sub-conscious connection with the number picking? There are very few statistics on the subject, but experts believe that people are more or less equally divided between these two, main groups. Around 50% of all lottery players enjoy the quick picks. This is the group of people who either jot down whichever number that enters their head at the moment of filling in the lottery ticket, or that lets the system pick.

Can tarot cards successfully help you pick lottery numbers?

Lucky Numbers

If you look at the issue statistically you will probably think that picking the numbers yourself makes no difference whatsoever in relation to the possibility of winning. Because statistically speaking the chances of winning the lottery are equal for all players no matter which numbers you choose. Hard core scientists and skeptics take this view, and they frown upon people who like to choose numbers that are special to them. But the truth may not be that simple as these skeptics would like to think. Most people believe in so called lucky numbers, and particularly when it comes to lottery numbers. As mentioned, most lottery players who believe that some numbers are luckier than others, use different dates of birth for different family members or loved ones. This method is quite simple, although a little lacking. The reason is that a lottery like Mega Millions, for example, uses numbers from 1 and all the way up to 75. With the date-system you will only get up to 31. That means you miss out on 44 numbers right there.

Draw Machines

This is one of the reasons some people prefer other methods. You have those that invest in actual lottery draw machines. Not necessarily big, electric lottery machines, but smaller, manual ones. With this system it is quite easy to simulate a real lottery. You may also write down all numbers on small pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Mix up the pieces of paper and pick out five pieces, or however many pieces you need for the lottery you’re playing. As you can see, this is a very simple, cheap and effective way of simulating a real lottery draw situation to pick out your lucky numbers more organically.

Alternative Approaches

Picking the right lottery numbers could secure you a fortune!

Other take a more esoteric approach, and consult occult tools such as Tarot cards. There are many ways in which you may assign numbers to the cards, in fact, all of the cards are numbered either from 1 to 14 in the lower arcana, and 0 to 20 in the higher arcana. As you can see the transition from tarot numbering to lottery numbering needs a little tweaking but there are many tips for this online. The main point here is that some people believe that the Tarot cards themselves are special, and that they may help you “see” what will happen in the future. Now, you may not believe in the Tarot, but if you admit to belong to the group of people who thinks that some numbers are more special than others, then you’re already a little on the way of being esoteric. At any rate, picking your lucky lottery numbers this way could be fun and maybe also a little interesting.

Just Try It

There are many other ways you could pick numbers, and one of the most effective ones is simply writing down all numbers on larger pieces of paper, just like playing cards, then shuffling them up and laying them down on a table facing down. Light a candle, take some time to relax, and imagine that you are a magician with super-natural abilities who will be able to see exactly which numbers will win the lottery for the draw in question. Let your hand hover over all the pieces of paper, and after some time start to let it pick out the numbers you need. This may sound completely kooky, but some people, including several lottery winners, swear by this method. And if your objective is winning the lottery, why not try it?

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