Multi-draw discount


Multi Draw VS Subscriptions

Never Miss a Draw with LotteryMaster’s Additional Purchase Features!

A Multi Draw

A Multi Draw allows you to pre-purchase an amount of tickets (with pre- chosen numbers) and enjoy up to 18% off at the time of your purchase with LotteryMaster for a preretirement number of draws. When you purchase a Multi draw, you predetermined numbers which will automatically enter draws per the amount you have chosen.

A Multi draw of 8 will allow you to enjoy 5% discount at the time of the purchase on site and the more you pre-purchase, the more discount you will enjoy:

Multi Draw of 24=10% Discount

Multi Draw of 36= 15% Discount

Multi Draw of 52= 18% Discount

Please note a Multi Draw is non-refundable and cannot be canceled once created since tickets are pre-purchased for your convenience.

A Subscription

Save up to 15% when purchasing a Subscription in addition to your ‘FPP’ VIP discount!
A subscription to a lottery of your choice will enter you automatically to each draw using the numbers chosen!
Number of draws depends on your subscription options (number of weeks) and selected lottery (draw time per week).

With LotteryMaster you can create a subscription which will automatically buy your tickets for you to a specific lottery according to your time span chosen prior to purchase.