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Lottery Results


  • Guess Range:
  • Schedule:
  • 1/59 + PB 1/59
  • Wednesday 23:00 hs Saterday 23:00 hs

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Prize Divisions

Divisions Match Winning Odds
Lottery Results
1st Prize 6 + 0PB 22,528,737
2nd Prize 5 + 1PB 3,754,789.50
3rd Prize 5 + 0PB 72,267
4th Prize 4 + 0PB 1,089.92
5th Prize 3 + 0PB 48.08

Additional Information


New York Lottery Jackpots

The New York Lottery jackpots have generously given away millions of dollars to its winners, sometimes splitting the prize if more than one winner selected the drawn numbers. A record jackpot of $65 million was given away on June 30th 2007. With an average jackpot of $13.3 million, the New York Lottery invites its players to feel the adrenaline and excitement of trying their luck with the optimistic slogan "Hey, you never know".

New York Lottery and Taxation

As with many American Lotteries, the New York Lottery taxes American citizens approximately 37% on Lottery prizes that exceed $600.

In the case of non-U.S. residents, the New York Gaming Commission is required by law to withhold Federal and New York State income taxes from taxable prizes over $5,000.

History of the New York Lottery

New York Lottery has the unique honor of being one of the first and most popular American lotteries. Around the time when most New Yorkers were new immigrants from all around the world, this Lottery raised enough capital to finance the first main city infrastructure projects of roads and bridges, as well as help to develop industries and even participate in the construction of the New York City Hall.

After a terminal referendum in 1966 passed with 60% of the vote, the New York Lottery became legal and a state-run lottery began raising money for educational purposes. This gave the New York Lottery the support it needed in order to grow and establish itself as one of the most important American Lotteries. Throughout the years, New York Lottery has helped educational institutions by providing more than $35 billion in assistance.

New York Lottery and Lotterymaster.com Service

At Lotterymaster.com we work hard to make your game experience simple and easy. Therefore, all jackpot and secondary prize winners will receive an email informing you that you are the lucky owner of a  New York Lottery winning ticket or jackpot ticket! If you win any prize other than the jackpot Lotterymaster.com will transfer your winnings to your personal Lotterymaster account. As simple as possible! In the exciting event of winning a New York Lottery jackpot, Lotterymaster.com will give you the winning ticket so you can personally claim the first prize!  Any tax or legal obligation to inform your country’s authorities about your prize will solely depend on the laws of the country in which you reside. It is your responsibility to act accordingly to the laws and obligations of your country.

If you are new to the New York Lottery we recommend you read the New York Lottery page, which will help you learn everything you need to know in order to play and possibly win one of the most popular jackpots worldwide!