The Power Of A Powerball Win

The Powerball lottery is one of the more popular American-based lottery games with some of the highest winners of all time. Powerball lottery tickets are inexpensive and give people the chance to change their life forever. Selecting the Powerball winning numbers can transport you from rags to riches.


It’s All In The Numbers

In Florida, an elderly woman was barely scraping by. With almost nothing to her name, she was living in a rundown, $30,000 trailer park home where she had remained in for over 25 years. It needed urgent repairs, but was not even worth the money it would cost to fix. For years Gloria MacKenzie walked down to the local store every day to purchase food, a few of the household items that she needed and her weekly lottery tickets. With one of her children still semi-dependent on her, she was constantly searching for a way to make enough money to move out of her dilapidated bungalow.

Power Ball Lottery

For years she had spent what precious few dollars she had her name on lottery tickets. Her friends called her foolish. People said it was irresponsible to invest in lottery tickets, even though the Powerball tickets weren’t expensive, because her chances of winning were so slim. And yet she would come back at these accusations that time and time again, throughout her many years of buying lottery tickets, she had won small amounts that helped compensate for the money she had spent on tickets. Even more than that, the dream of one day winning the jackpot had kept her going. Some months she would win just $10, enough to buy a few extra tickets for the next lottery. Another week she won $50, enough to buy the groceries that she needed and a few nice things for the home.

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Then one fine day, while looking at the Powerball numbers on her screen, the small-town woman realized that she had just become the biggest Powerball winner in US history! At the age of 84, she suddenly found herself worth millions. She had won $278 million in the Powerball lottery (after taxes). With this money she moved from her dilapidated old trailer into a five-bedroom mansion in a coveted golf course community. In her new home, she even enjoyed a view overlooking the golf course and a superb lake. In addition to the five bedrooms, she also has a personal library for reading, a private movie theater and an indoor pool.Gloria's new mansion!

This tremendous windfall allowed Gloria to retire to a life of pure luxury!


Living Life As A Winner

Today Gloria continues to enjoy her rags to riches life and loves to retell how she traded in her trailer for a mansion. Now she loves receiving guests and having family come to visit, where she can entertain them in a much more comfortable environment. Retirement has never been sweeter for this sassy lotto winner! No longer does she have to travel to the corner store to get the cheapest groceries she can; she has her fresh groceries delivered whenever she needs them. Now her dreams don’t hang on the hopes of winning the lottery – she has already won! And just imagine, if she’d listened to the well-intended remarks of those around her, she’d still be living in the trailer park with no hope of ever leaving.

For Gloria, her lottery ticket investments was definitely money very well spent!


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